“Hello friend”

and welcome please to my website!!

The website of the girl that is….Pattie!!!!*

“Well what’s going on with you these days Pattie?”

Yes! That sounds about right!

Just finished recording my own TV SERIES/MOVIE/TOURING MUSICAL for the RADIO!!!!!!!

There are four 5min episodes from the 30th December 2013 to the 2nd November 2014. They’re all my favourite numbers!

Listen live at 23.55 or catch up here on iplayer

Oh I see! ;)

“But what’s the series about Pattie? Did you decide against your original plan of only discussing and thinking about eggs?”

Partially yes! Depending on the question!

This series I shall be discussing all my tips on how to be happy from my new book!!!

Pattie Brewster’s Guide to Life/Pattie

Available to buy at the show for £5!

Or online! From here for £6.

So many ways to get to know the girl that is Pattie!!

Any more questions? Watch a video and stop asking questions. Or if you don’t like people promoting themselves so much, please go to my twitter or Facebook pages instead and then stop being so weird!—-


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22 Responses to “”

  • Frogmella:

    You are literally my idol

  • Franimal:

    I use a moon cup too Pattie! I can’t wait to hear all about your experiences…i find it makes periods quite exciting!!

  • LoubyLou Hogg-Roge:

    More pics please. Of cat.

  • St.Annonnymousness:

    Oh Pattie you old boot! We used to go to Junior school together a million years ago at St.s’ Glad to see your still the same wildly pro cat member of society. As one of the males of said school I think you should totally blog about who you had a crush on, and general experiences of the grand place to end the 14 year sweepstake we’ve had going.

    My money is still on either, Charles culliford, Jake heath or Mr Hepper.

    Hope you’re well, love your work ;) x

    • HI I JUST FOUND YOUR MESSAGE OVER 1 YEAR LATE!!! I guess i’ve been busy getting up to all sorts, for ages! I didn’t have any crushes at school cos I put my chair in the cupboards and did the classes from in there so no one would look at me or know me. Since then I’ve changed so much! I am now really confident and have plenty of friends (including pets)

      I hope you’re well too! Thanks for being so sweet message-wise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) B-) :) B-) B-) X :) :) ): )

  • Ambeopolitik:

    Just wanted to say that you were the only thing that prevented last week’s comedy gig I attended being a complete and utter disaster. By far the best performance of the night. A breath of fresh air. Thanks x

  • Pattie Brewster's Website – just great!

  • Kyle Nelson:

    Saw your show the other day and it was hilarious. Totally fit into my personal favorite in terms of types of comedy. Thanks and again for the laughs!

    • Well…. HI thanks so much for coming Kyle!!!! This is the nicest comment I’ve ever known!!!!!! I hope you know in your soul that you one time left a nice comment for a girl that is PATTIE!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) :) : ) ::: ) : )

  • Nick:

    Im Nick with the sneaky eyes, just saw you at Edinburgh, top laugh great set best act I saw out of 11 acts keep up the good work

    • THANK YOU NICK!!!!!!!!!! You have sneaky eyes but a nice comment style and they balance out to create something to me both neutral and fantastic!!!! Thanks for coming and hope to see you again for friendship WHO KNOWS????!!!!!! :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

  • Hey Pattie,
    Saw your show at the fringe and have to say it was one of the funniest things I never paid for! And hey, don’t worry about what everyone says about ye, I for one think your cool.

    • OH…………………………….. Thanks!!! (Thanks: Danny). Your message was one of those messages that i KNOW i LIKE i guess!!!!!!!! So cool about your message! K bye danny thanks for the stuff :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

  • Kam A:

    Hi, Pattie (and Amy too if you’re reading). Do you tour outside of the UK? I’d like for you to come to Canada!

  • HH:

    Hi Pattie
    Saw you on your very first Edinburgh 2013 show and thought you were great. I am trying to persuade all my friends to come with me and see you again……….please don’t rush out and buy a new house (or cat) in anticipation of your huge earnings boost (if your agent lets you have any money anyway) as I have only got two friends and all three of them are dogs and I don’t think dogs are allowed in at The Edinburgh, unless they are Guide dogs……but unfortunately they aren’t, although one of them is hoping to join the Brownies if he passes the exams.
    So anyway hopefully I’ll see you again, if I do and have to rush out and check on the dogs half way through I will let you know so you don’t think I have got the boredom and am leaving your show early, if the dogs do get in then I think you will know it is me with them as they are two Border Collies and a Labrador and I will be the one on the other end of their leads.
    Sorry for taking up so much space on your website, send me the bill if it pushes it over your bandwidth (no idea what that is really) limit.

    HH x

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