Getting the train Back from Grandma’s

[wrote this last night when I ran out of sudokus and sausage rolls]

Getting the train back, from Grandma’s.

Bit dark But at least that’s because it’s evening time, not some more sinister reason. Half-past 10 during the month of May so quelle (no) surprise.

Hey, had a cool trip to grandma’s!!

Grandpa was there though, worse luck. He didn’t get in the way that much though! When he does, guess what I call him?….

I call him Grandpoo!!!!

Grandpa’s not a bad man, but he is funny towards me and Sweet Grandma though. He worries she’s a bit mad, and one time he set a doctor on her and they started talking about Alzheimers. Which is well out. Grandma never calls him names. And he criticises her for watching the neighbours and going out in the garden in her nighty and yelling when she’s angry. He acts like she’s really mean to people. How ironic, when he’s the mean one in saying that! He’s really against her setting the dogs on any non-residents visiting (intruding) the cul-de-sac. Grandpa can be really critical of Grandma, and he really brings out the feminist in me. It is such a cruel way to treat your wife who never does anything wrong. Grandma always eats his cooking and gets out of the way  when he’s doing the household chores. She keeps to herself by the window, and in front  of the telly,  all day long and yet she still gets given grief. She can’t do anything right!

Feel a bit bad leaving her, but I can’t wait to get back to my room!!!! I’ve barricaded it all up big time but I’ve also got all the house’s cups, saucers, cutlery, tv, food, tea, pets and plates in there so people might wanna come looking… It’s so hard living near other people!

It’s not advisable to mess with me (Pattie) though, so we’ll see what happens!!!

;( ;( :(

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One Response to “Getting the train Back from Grandma’s”

  • poppy pink:

    no comments? why??
    i just found my daughter in a hysterical heap on the floor
    it seems you are responsible for this
    she was totally incoherent other than pointing at her laptop screen on which she had loaded this page.
    now i understand :o )

    poppy x

    p.s. she (my daughter) would normally be taking her hamster (pom pom buttercup) out on it’s lead on a Sunday afternoon but the tractors were out.

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