Visualisation (or how I became my perfect self)

A lot of people ask me how I turned out this way. By this, I’m assuming they mean, how I turned out to be so perfect.

The Pattie you see before you (if you’re currently imagining me in your head), hasn’t always been like this. Before I started on my self-help journey, I was actually a marginally less good version of myself! A round 9 out of 10, if I’m honest. With flatter hair and a sense of longing. However, after reading a book called “Visualise the Perfect Pattie” (another of my own), I became inspired to use the power of my imagination to change myself for the better and make my own Pattie dreams come true!!!


The best way to become perfect (plus get rid of any low self-esteem or sense of crappiness) is to visualise your ideal self. Visualisation techniques involve using your imagination to make things happen in your life. They’re used by elite athletes, writers, psychologists, Pattie Brewster, entrepreneurs, successful people, and other people who use it!


Here’s all you have to do:

1. Imagine yourself as perfect (or in my case: as a perfect girl)

2. Add a lot of detail into this vision. The thing I often notice about detail is that – as with sweaters and eggs or other stuff – the more of it the better. Fill your image with extra visual, auditory, textual and kinesthetic* information.

What do you look like as a perfect person?

What do you smell like and feel like?

Are your pets there?

So are you guys all playing together so nicely hmm?

Who’s winning?

Is anyone itchy or rashy anywhere?

These are the things to consider

3. Make sure you’re experiencing your vision from your own perspective. Not anyone else’s from outside. So for instance, if you know that someone hates you so much, and that they are lying and a sneak and they don’t like you because they are stupid and boring, don’t visualise yourself from their perspective! Do it from your own. No-one is more of a fan of you than yourself (if you’re me).

4. Imagine only in positives. Instead of: “I am not cold and ugly” or “I am not so seriously lonely without anyone human to talk to”, think: “I am warm and snuggly and tall” and “everyone in the whole world likes me, I can hear them chanting about it outside!”


* a good word. It doesn’t actually matter what the definition is though, so DO NOT pester me for it!!!

When you know what you want, and you visualise it in your mind and hold it there, the universe will deliver it to you! This is called magic law of attraction. And here’s how I’ve used my own imagination to become the Pattie of my own dreams:


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