How confident are you? Quiz time in here guys!!!!:)

Ever known about a thing called ‘self confidence’?

Well if not, tonight is your night (day)!!

Self-confidence can be defined as something very good, that you should want to have (if you don’t already).


But how do you know if you already have it?

This is the thing. Like some of the diseases, self-confidence is something you may have without actually knowing you do. If you don’t have it you’ll definitely need to keep reading my blog forever to get some tips on how to become more confident. If you do have it, you’ll still need to keep reading because in a future post we’ll be addressing whether or not you actually have the right to feel confident at all. Sad fact is that some people are too confident, despite not actually being any good.

Let’s see how you fare!



Are you self-confident? The Pattie way to know what you maybe don’t know!

1. You wake up in the morning and realise you’ve got nothing on for the day again (NOTHING). Do you:

a) Feel sad and low about yourself because no one’s coming round as per
b) Know that in your heart that it’s ok! You got yourself and your pets and all of your things and you’re going to be FINE FOREVER! :) :) :)


2. You get on a bus because it’s one of those months where you annoyingly need to leave the house. Do you:
a) Sit straight down like a seat dweeb
b) Try to make friends with all the other passengers and the driver by telling them some Pattie facts 2012 and handing out presents


3. You’re at at a party. Are you:
a) There (at the party)
b) Not there. I’ve got other stuff to be getting on with!!!!


4. You look in the mirror, what do you see?
a) Yourself
b) Pattie


5. Someone is being an annoying sneak and a doink to you. Do you:
a) Cyy (you’re a massive cry baby)
b) Tell them confidently that you are the BOSS and you are in charge and that’s the final line!! And do NOT try to bring me down I am a NICE girl you are not the boss of me and you never will be I am Pattie!!!


6. Someone’s come to the front door. Here we go! You know that when you’re having a conversation with another human person, you’re meant to use your eyes. Do you:

a) Talk to them, but avoid staring because you’re scared
b) Maintain intense eye contact them using your special no-blink technique


7. It’s your childhood again and everyone in your family is telling you to go away. Do you
a) Stay put and begin altering your social behavioural patterns to avoid getting such frequent negative reactions from everyone in your life.
b) Go away! Fine by me!! I’m better off alone! AND I enjoy a swamp!

8. The girls at school have come up with a new nickname for someone and you don’t know whether to find out if it’s yours. Do you:

a) Not care. Plus cry loads (quit crying so much!)
b) Assume “Pattie The Effing Weirdo” must be someone else, and then get on with your chess


If you answered mostly a)s: you have huge self-confidence problems. Sorry and too bad! :(

If you answered mostly b)s: you’re the best and you know it! Long live you!

Ok here’s to quizes and things! Hope you all are doing your weekends very much! love  x o x o Pattie

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