About Me (PATTIE B/pattie Brewster)

Hiya! From me…. Pattie.

how are you im ok!

so what’s new??!!!!

Basically, I am a popular girl called Pattie who has been popping up popular videos all over the internet!  I get loads of comments, and one time, I got an email!!! I cover all the hot topics of the day, like environmental and political and cats. In my spare time enjoy doing things and writing books. I write self help books! (not for publication, just for me).

I have lots of experience and some times I feel so nice! Other times I feel different, but my moods are like seasons and oven dials: always changing! (if you change the dials, the oven dials)

I hope you enjoy getting to know me as much as could be! (forever??)

lets go guys!


Photography by Debbie Scanlan | Editing by Pattie Brewster

:) :mrgreen: 8-) 8-O

ps i’m called pattie (brewster) and i’m from london.

please tell your friends about me:
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