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Getting the train, to Grandma’s

Getting the train, to Grandma’s!

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Grandma lives in York (unlike London), and it’s a real trek up there. That’s why I get the train instead! :) But it’s a bit weird for me.… PETERBOROUGH STATION!!!!… Just an adjustment being in a train looking out, when you’re so used to be outside looking in, and then making the relevant notes and checks in your train book.

Still, it’s both cool and fun at Grandma’s (Grandma Bernie’s). We’ll probably just do stuff together, and then watch the neighbours for a while. Grandma isn’t one of those nutso old ladies spying on their neighbours through a telescope. Hers broke years ago and she never replaced it as it bashed her in the glasses. Also there was an episode when she used it by accident on her cat and really freaked out that the cat had suddenly grown so much. She had a mini cat-fear fit which was enough to put GB (Grandma Bernie) off telescopes and telescoping cats for life. Now she observes her neighbours just by twitching and peeking out behind her net curtains….. GRANDTHAM!!!! ….Grandma lives in a cul-de-sace (a Yorkshire Cul-de-Sac), filled with mature people over the age of 50, but under the age of 118, so it’s a nice atmosphere and there’s plenty of shocking things to observe.

I guess you could say: “I’m sure looking forward to my trips to Grandma’s!”


Haven’t seen much on my journey so far though. Bit of an east coast trains disappointment. It’s sunny though, so I can see shafts of the bright stuff  drench the English fields in warm golden light, while the diamond clear air dazzles brilliantly and the trees seem to smile up into the oceanic sky. But I prefer towns. Fortunately, the old North is mainly city-scape (think Manchester and Newcastle if you don’t believe me), so I might see some grey architecture and shops and that soon.

Meanwhile, ……DARLINGTON!!!!……a mid-morning snack to look forward to (grapes and eggs) and late morning nap! Wanna look all fresh in the mind and face for when grandma picks me up in her scooter and side car :)