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Bit worried about the local dogs getting in my way when I start walking the cat.

You don’t need to walk a cat. I’m very aware of this. But it can’t hurt. So why not? My grampie walked his cat daily (and he smoked like a chimney!), and he lived till he was nearly 80 (though admittedly, far closer to 70). So I’m going to do it!

Slow and steady pattie

Precautionary measures/PLAN:

1.       take things real slow (“nice and easy”)

2.       be careful/good

3.       knit a new lead (a cat lead)

4.       try and do it late at night when the dogs are all sleeping.

Also, because Maria’s not truly my cat (less said about this the better :( ) night walks means it’s far less likely that her huge owner will find out! Plus I think it might be a bit more special for us?

Feeling real good about this plan :)

probably do another plan later, for something else!