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Why is everyone so obsessed with the phrase “I love you”?

It’s alright. I suppose. And it is short (compare: “how do you like my new shirts, they’re brand new” or “don’t think about travelling to the Sovereign State of Brunei on the Island of Borneo, without getting at least 3-5 inoculations”).

“I love you” sure is short, but that’s not everything in a phrase!

Ok fine, another good thing – about the damned phrase (I l*ve y*u) – that it isn’t rude (and it’s certainly less rude than the rudest phrase there is, called F%$* *FF F&%!*^% F&^”%”*%!). But think about it, I like lemon sole so much :) isn’t rude either, but you don’t hear people say that much, anymore.

I can’t remember the first time I heard the words (“I love you”). Probably ages ago. Maybe at school or Sunday School or Fat Camp. Certainly not for a long while. That’s why (for me), it’s such a stupid dumb phrase. Why can’t people talk about more useful stuff instead? Like the weather or the transport or sweetest dreams and The Cuts? (BLOODY COALITION PUSH OFF!)

People need to stop rubbing it in everyone’s faces that they’re so in love, and are loved and cared for in return, and have someone to look after them and nurture them, and enjoy who they and their very existence, rather than make them feel so bad just for being around, and standing near them, or needing a hug maybe sometimes, but not getting it so they take revenge and then hate themselves and have to stay alone for ages. Too long a sentence that one, I think I lost track of where it was headed, so I’m going to stop and move onto the next paragraph.

Except I’ve finished my point! Hoo whoops!

Ok everyone shut it (your trap!) if you’re being all nauseating!!! Even if I did love anyone I know I’d be cool about it!

And thanks for reading new friends, you’re so nice, I really like you :)