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reasons to come back next year to see me (here)

Right I’m off see ya!

Going to africa to see some big cats.

swoon alert!

Before I go awol again (you don’t need “leave” if you own the ruddy blog!), here’s another list

Reasons to check out in the new year starting with “it’s nice”

  1. It’s nice
  2. New videos bang!
  3. Thinking of filming my new year’s eve extreme night in home alone party
  4. I’ll do a comprehensive update on my foreign holiday (abroad)
  5. I’m making a northern Yorkshire trip to stay with The Elderly which I will do a very detailed post about
  6. Finally going to type out my xfactor review!
  7. Potential for greater depth of friendship between you and me
  8. Pattie’s life tips! This’ll be my new feature. Going to help you change all your lives around for the better. Using photographs and captions
  9. Guest post from my brother Freddo who is currently looking for love
  10. I might get my legs out for a photo!
  11. Maybe not. Or I’ll scrub loads first
  12. More music reviews of the best of 1996
  13. That’s loads!

happy christmas dreams!

don’t let your mum cheat on your dad! (with santa)

x :) x :) x :) x :) x :) x :) x :) x :) x :) x :) x :)